...she is also one of your biggest supporters

Crosbee Lisser

pamarazzi gives you the best Senior Picture experience you could ask for!!! Once you know her she is not only just a great photographer, she is also one of your biggest supporters. I have memories that will last a lifetime and it’s all thanks to Pam!!

"She is more than a photographer...she is pamarazzi"

Jayne Miller

I HIGHLY endorse pamarazzi. She did my son's senior pics (Class of 2019). She is more than a photographer...she is pamarazzi. And she will give you memories of your child’s senior year that can not compare to any other photographer. And the best part...you tell her your budget and she works with you to help you get this special moments at a cost that you can afford.

"I should have used her"

Melissa B

I've had more than a few people see the pics of my seniors that pamarazzi took and hear the stories of getting those pics and say, "I should have used her"! 

"...Lots of things have been hard and disappointing with COVID - but ... this most certainly has been a win!"

Megan Hillard

OMG I CANNOT HANDLE THE CUTENESS- AHHHHHH - THESE ARE THE BEST.  My daughter is looking at them now too and grinning really big - she loves them, too.  I can't stop smiling looking at these! I am so grateful! Lots of things have been hard and disappointing with COVID - but having this opportunity to do our photos with you for this most certainly has been a win!  I'm addicted to your photos!

It's impossible for me to choose a favorite from our beautiful gallery you provided. This whole experience was just wonderful. Thank you for capturing so many of the moves from her recital in these poses. Not only are these photos beautiful - but they are very meaningful in that they recreate the recital performance. You are THE BEST :)


She is very accommodating!!

Mary Raitano

Pam went over and above in taking my daughter's senior pictures, showing up at multiple events and locations and creating an amazing album. She is very accommodating!! The only problem is that all of the photos are so good it is impossible to choose!

My son is high strung, full of energy...

Sally Chester Pruitt

I can't say enough about Pam. My son is high strung, full of energy and will keep you on your toes. She was able to deal with all that AND capture that personality on film. To boot, we had a special location requested that wasn't close to home. She worked with us to fit that in the budget. I am so glad we used pamarazzi for our sons Senior pictures. Oh! And we used her for a Mother's Day shoot in the Medina Square. My parents, sister-in-law and I were extremely happy with those results as well. Do not hesitate to work with her!

She captured her beautiful smile...

Lisa Neubauer

pamarazzi took my daughter's Senior photos. She captured her beautiful smile in many different poses and backgrounds. She also captured some nice pictures of her playing tennis,  without the net.

She nailed it and did a fabulous job!!

Lori Godshalk

Pam has always done a great job photographing our Medina Musical Bees in action; so I was excited she agreed to do Justin’s senior photos and our family photos! It had been 17 yrs since we had a family photo so this one had to be right! She nailed it and did a fabulous job!! We get tons of compliments on our photos all the time!! I cannot thank Pam enough! 

"I have never ever ever received so many positive comments..."

Melissa Brubaker

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Pam and her wonderful photos! She has taken my children's senior pictures and recently their Eagle Court of Honor pictures. I have never ever ever received so many positive comments on their photographs! Thanks Pam!!

You caught the essence of the entire event....

Celia Hartmann, Pioneer Saddle Club Open Horse Show Participant

Stunning photos! You caught the essence of the entire event.....from participants to helpers to spectators. I would not hesitate to contact you for any photography need. Thanks so much! 

Pam is a skilled photographer

Stacy Knox, Opportunity Knox Career Consultation

Pam is a skilled photographer. I forgot she was there taking photos during her daughter's career consultation, and I felt so good when I saw the "candid" photos of our session together. She was very prompt in sharing the images with me via her professional website and very responsive to my needs! A good photographer knows her stuff, and that is Pam to a tee! I highly recommend Pam! It's important to have a good photo for your Linked In page, especially if you are considering a career shift.

Our family pictures came our beautifully...

Lisa Laub

Pam is awesome. She's really good at giving direction and organizing unique poses and angels. Our family pictures came our beautifully. I'm only sorry we didn't think to have her take our pictures sooner.

Amy Van Hyning, Medina OH

Pam’s photography is just phenomenal and really a cut above anything I’ve seen out there. Photography is something she truly enjoys and has a genuine passion for. Over the years she has taken countless photographs throughout our community, including thousands of pictures of our marching band, capturing precious memories for our kids to look back on.

Pam has her own distinct style and has an eye for seeing what so many of us don’t; she has a unique gift for taking unobtrusive photos while blending into the background and capturing truly great candid shots. I would highly recommend Pam to anyone looking for an exceptional photographer.

If she's there .. you've got the story

Michelle Lisser

If she's there .. you've got the story !
We love our s Medina " Pamarazzi"

I am not photogenic by any means...

Tracy Orseno

Pamarazzi captures such amazing moments in time!!! I am not photogenic by any means, and she was able to capture that perfect picture!! One amazing photographer!

“…She’ll be able to capture all the memories…"

Sandy Gossett, Medina, OH

I have known this photographer for about 8 years now. Pam Wagner knows how to capture people in action doing what they love to do and that love shows in her photographs. She has a gift for catching all the special moments, especially when it comes to activities like Marching Band, football, ballroom dancing and festivals where people are gathered. Sometimes it’s not about posing for the camera that makes a photo good, but it’s about capturing on camera the activities and moments of the day. Years later you’ll look back at the pictures and say I remember when we did that! And you’ll remember what made that day so great! I would not hesitate to hire Pam to photograph my special event as I know she’ll be able to capture all the memories that make that event so special!

She always has a constant flow of great ideas...

Ben John Piehl

I've been lucky enough to have Pamarazzi take my senior photos for me and they were incredible! She always has a constant flow of great ideas for positioning, poses, etc., all making a great product!

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